Verizon's 2009: BlackBerrys, HTCs, netbooks, and loads of data

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|01.29.09

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Verizon's 2009: BlackBerrys, HTCs, netbooks, and loads of data
Excitement's in the air over at Verizon, where customers (and would-be customers) of all types have reason to count on 2009 to be an action-packed year. We've managed to get some early details on what Big Red expects to do over the next 11 months, and seriously -- we're pretty stoked. Maybe not Pre stoked, but stoked nonetheless. Read on.

  • There will be a big emphasis on data plans this year, both domestic and global. There's some jealousy that AT&T is making major inroads with global roaming (a task made far easier when your entire lineup is GSM based, of course) and Verizon wants to catch up. At least one global EV-DO / HSPA modem will be launched -- we'd expected one late last year, but it never materialized.
  • Domestic prepaid data plans will be rolled out, available for both phones and modems. No details on pricing.
  • All of the rumored Motorolas are confirmed real and on the roadmap for 2009.
  • There will be at least two HTCs released this year: a version of the Touch Diamond and an unnamed handset closely resembling the Touch HD.
  • Verizon will be selling netbooks with integrated 3G in-store. It's not known whether these will be heavily subsidized, but it's a safe bet. The launch model may be an HP, though this is unconfirmed.
  • There will be a global BlackBerry replacing the 8830 that takes styling cues from the Bold (this is likely the device known internally as "Niagara").
  • The VX9600 Versa is said to be a killer gaming machine; it helps that one of the add-on modules is a gamepad, but additionally, it's being demonstrated with accelerometer control and apparently has some wicked fast, smooth graphics. With a module attached and open, it's about the size of an enV; closed, it's about the size of a Dare.

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