CNET tests out Gefen's EXT-WHDMI wireless HDMI extender

CNET took the Gefen EXT-WHDMI out for a spin, and came back with an overall good impression of the $800, Tzero-based solution for breaking free of HDMI cable runs (at least within a 30-foot radius). Once the automatic input switching was mastered and video sources were set to conform to the unit's 1080p/24 upper limit -- 1080p/60 is not supported -- the unit generally turned in respectable performance. Of course, comparisons to Sony's similarly priced DMX-WL1 were warranted, but neither unit scored a knockout blow. We'll let you hit the read link for the gory details, but rest assured that the Gefen unit didn't drop any frames or otherwise wreck the image quality. For the asking price, you'd expect nothing less, but there were some caveats -- we agree with CNET's bottom line of picking one up from a dealer with a good return policy in case it doesn't all work out for you; that $800 will buy extenders and a lot of cable, after all.