Verizon axing Test Drive, making New Every Two program less awesome

Updated ·1 min read

Verizon Wireless certainly isn't planning a romantic weekend with its customers this Valentine's Day, as it's completely nixing its Test Drive program and slashing benefits on its New Every Two initiative. Or, it will if documents rounded up by Boy Genius Report prove accurate. Currently, prospective subscribers who'd like to test out Verizon's network for a month without worrying over usage fees can do so; after February 15th, they can kiss that option goodbye, as anyone who signs up and ports out within a month will have to pay for their wireless access and usage charges during that window. On the same day, a few changes in the NE2 program will also go into effect, and while we'll point you to the read link for all the details, here's the skinny: the discounts you once got are being lessened. Awesome.