What WAR could learn from WoW about hybrid classes

Wizards and Wenches, a member of the ever-growing legion of Warhammer Online bloggers, put up an interesting post this week discussing the differences between hybrid classes in Mythic's flagship and World of Warcraft. He specifically takes WAR to task for the hard choices the designers require from players of healing classes. All healers in Warhammer are hybrids to some degree, and as a result their gear is split to support the different roles they can take on. In many ways this split resembles the first few years of hybrid gearing in World of Warcraft ... a gear structure the WoW desingers have since fundamentally changed to reflect player interests.

Gear in Blizzard's behemoth now supports multiple specs with a single piece of loot, allowing players the luxury of choosing what role to play without having to maintain several different 'loot sets' to support their choice. They merged statistics to allow different specs and classes to get a bigger bang for their buck, and developed a series of interlocking token-based loot mechanisms to allow players a wide variety of choices. In the view of one blogger's mind, it's a huge frustration that the Warhammer developers haven't followed in WoW's footsteps on this issue.

What say you? Should WAR hybrids stay differentiated, or would it be more fun to have flexibility?