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NEC develops processor for 12 megapixel camera phones

NEC develops processor for 12 megapixel camera phones
Ross Miller
Ross Miller|February 6, 2009 9:22 AM
No sooner than we get wind of a possible Samsung 12 megapixel camera phone does NEC reveal a linear shift-invariant (LSI) chip that, along with the proper CMOS sensor, can bestow onto mobile devices the power to shoot 12 megapixel imagery, as well as output full-HD video. Dubbed the CE143, it's being touted by the company for Its focus speed and signal-to-noise reduction 6db greater than with what's currently in the market. The chip will integrate with an image stabilizer, shading correction, and other essential point-and-click tools. Manufacturers should expect to get some hands-on time when samples begin shipping out in March. Keep a lookout for this one at Mobile World Congress later this month.
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