Samsung Valencia outed by Microsoft, not Samsung

Microsoft's mansion at Mobile World Congress contains -- among other things -- a playground of recent Windows Mobile-powered models designed to show off its licensees' collective design and manufacturing prowess. By and large, the models were nothing we haven't known about for days, months, or years, but one stood out for us: this here Samsung Valencia. We've heard of this sucker through Expansys as the C6625 with a $365 sticker price -- but Samsung doesn't seem to know anything about it and it's only being shown by Microsoft, so we suppose they've opted against an unveiling here at the show. Microsoft's spec sheet indicates that it's got 3G (which jibes with Expansys' details), GPS, 128MB each of RAM and ROM, a totally pedestrian QVGA display, and a 393MHz processor -- slow for a Professional device, yes, but this sucker's Standard with some minor UI mods. One thing that's got us a little confused is the line item indicating 20GB of storage -- something tells us that a phone with these kinds of specs wouldn't be packing 20GB on board, so it might refer to a theoretical max of 20GB with the microSD maxed out. We're not losing sleep over the missing announcement with this one, guys, so don't sweat it or anything.