Final Fantasy XI begins the Doll Festival event

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|02.26.09

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Final Fantasy XI begins the Doll Festival event

If you feel dainty and pretty, oh so pretty, then perhaps you should stop by Final Fantasy XI's Doll Festival, going on now until March 3rd in Vana'diel!

The Doll Festival is the yearly celebration of the women of Vana'diel, where all wish happiness and health to the young girls and women in the world. Each year the cities are dressed up in a very elegant and formal fashion, while adventurers can look forward to collecting the yearly festival dolls and bonbori lanterns which can be used to decorate your mog house.

Collecting these items from your local neighborhood moogles can earn you good fortunes and decoration bonuses for your mog house, so don't turn down the free items when the moogles are just handing them out on street corners! Moogles will be stationed in northern and southern San d'Oria, the mines and markets of Bastok, and Woods and Waters districts of Windurst.
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