Elemental Designs' A7S-450 subwoofer is Audioholics tested, basshead approved

Steven Kim
S. Kim|03.05.09

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Elemental Designs' A7S-450 subwoofer is Audioholics tested, basshead approved
Elemental Designs' A7S-450 subwoofer
Physics being what they are, getting seriously low bass out of a speaker requires either a large driver/enclosure backed by a lot of power or a smaller driver/enclosure with a ridiculous amount of power; either approach tends to get expensive as things dip below 30Hz. But maybe not as expensive as you feared -- Audioholics put the circa $800 (exact price varies depending on options) A7S-450 subwoofer from Elemental Designs and found a lot to like for both music and movie lovers. The large basic black box may not be easy to hide, but it will probably match your decor better than the company's 12-sided contraption. Quit your snickering over the unfortunate references to Elemental Designs' self-imposed "eD" moniker, the 18-inch driver teamed up with the 1,300-Watt amp to deliver serious bass. Hit the link for the review, but if you buy one, be sure to leave it on -- at least until Elemental Designs adds "soft-start" circuitry that will keep your circuit breaker from tripping when you cycle power.
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