Metal Gear Online makes a SCENE (expansion) March 17

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Konami has revealed -- via the PlayStation Blog -- that Metal Gear Online's latest expansion, "SCENE," will be available in North America beginning March 17. (Hold on, we'll type louder so you can hear us over the cricket sounds.) Alright. So, the pack will be available via PSN and Konami's own online shop for $9.99; with the previous "MEME" expansion for $14.99; or as part of the full add-on pack -- "MEME," "GENE" and "SCENE" -- for $17.99.

The expansion, which adds MGS4 characters to the mix along with new maps and a "Solo Capture" mode, can be pre-ordered via Konami's e-store, which is offering an exclusive in-game cardboard box headgear (sure not to get you noticed) for those who make the early comittment. Of course, you get a whole bunch'a wacky stuff just for buying the pack. Clown paint, anyone? Anyone? Crickets?
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