Addon Spotlight: PoMTracker

Eliah Hecht
E. Hecht|03.08.09

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Every weekend (well, almost every weekend), Addon Spotlight takes a look at the little bits of Lua and XML that make our interfaces special. From bar mods to unit frames and beyond, if it goes in your Addons folder, we'll cover it here.

Before I get started, this addon is useful to one class only: Priests. Not only that, it's only useful to healing priests, since all it does is make it easier for you to keep track of your Prayer of Mending (sorry mages, wrong PoM).

Still here? Good. I've tried many different mods to tell me who my PoM is on and how many charges it has left, since it is a lovely spell and I like to use it to its fullest, which means I need to know when the darn Spirit Wolves have snagged it again so I can recast it on somebody useful. I used MendWatch all throughout Burning Crusade, but it had some annoying bugs when Wrath hit and I started hunting around for something more stable and easier to read. I quickly found PoM Tracker, and it's worked like a dream for me ever since.

Where MendWatch shows you a new bar for each time PoM goes off, PoM Tracker just gives you one frame that shows you the current number of charges remaining, who the spell is on, and a bar depicting how long it's got until it expires. Additional features include:

  • Tracks your own PoM only, and doesn't get confused if there are other healy priests in your raid tossing their frisbees around.
  • Can account for the extra charge given by the two-piece tier 7 bonus ("/pom t7 on", "/pom t7 off")
  • Optionally displays the total amount healed by your PoM
  • Can play a sound when you no longer have an active PoM
  • Can fade when you don't have an active PoM/are out of combat

Overall, it's nearly the ideal PoM mod. I would like it to be a little smaller, since I favor minimalist addon design; one of these days I might get around to hacking it up a bit. But for now it sits comfortably over my Grid frame, keeping me from going insane during Sapphiron. Now if only I could prevent PoM from bouncing to the tap-happy warlocks on Patchwerk.

Download PoM Tracker at Curse

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