Caption contest: Cricket builds the world's largest cellphone

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.10.09

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Chris Ziegler
March 10th, 2009
Caption contest: Cricket builds the world's largest cellphone

Regional carrier Cricket has set about breaking the Guinness record for the world's largest cellphone, crafting a giant Samsung Messager out of wood, metal, lights, wizardry, and love. It'll be officially unveiled tomorrow, but in the meantime, we've been treated to some behind-the-scenes footage of the 8th Wonder Of The World's creation. Follow the break for video, and don't forget to head on over to to post your caption.

Chris: "Leaving out the microSD slot was purely a design decision."
Don: "Hey, anybody remember where we put the world's smallest cellphone?"
Paul: "yo, david, can we meet up for this fight tmrw? me and my philistine buddies got totally wasted last night, got giant hangover. thx."
Joe: "Sure, Cricket has a bigger network, but Boost Mobile has better ringtones."
Josh T.: "And yet... the display is still cramped."
Nilay: "Finally, we will crush the iPhone!"
Thomas: "Hold on, let me walk over to my inbox"
Jacob: "The good news? Grandma will be able to see the buttons. The bad news? She won't be able to dial a number without an oxygen tank."

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