Latest Cupcake build flaunted on video, still no closer to retail G1s

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.17.09

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Latest Cupcake build flaunted on video, still no closer to retail G1s
f we can't will an official OTA update from T-Mobile into existence with the combined powers of our love, we suppose the next best thing is watching lucky jerks with Dev Phone 1s get their Cupcake on from afar. To that end, Android dev Joey Sochacki has decided to fire up a series of videos he's calling "Cupcake Sundays," where he'll be downloading and installing the latest and greatest Cupcake code from the official repository every week for a public tour. The inaugural video in the series here doesn't show anything particularly mind-blowing -- and some of this stuff, like the three-dimensional world time globe, we've seen before -- but the Live Folders and on-screen keyboard tours are must-sees for anyone curious what's coming down the pike for G1s, Dreams, and Magics of the world. The Android team also appears to be touting the new black-and-white viewfinder in the camera app as a "feature," even though it's really a downgrade designed to boost refresh rate -- but hey, if this is the price we have to pay to get a whole slew of new goodies, send it along, T-Mobile. Seriously. Follow the break for the full video.

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