Verizon readying subsidized HP laptops, Hub 2

We just got a pair of small-but-juicy Verizon rumors from a very reliable tipster: first, we hear that HP and Big Red are working together on subsidized WWAN-enabled laptops for launch in Q2. Exactly what machines will be involved can't be confirmed, but if we had our guess we'd say Big Red's got a cheap Mini 1000 on a two-year contract in the works, since these so-called "netbooks" are all the rage these days. Second, a updated version of the charming-but-questionably-useful Hub "landline killer" home phone is due out in the second half of the year, and VZW's apparently retargeting it a little: we're told it'll be more upscale and boast even more features. And here we thought that internet radio widget was gettin' all crazy. No word on pricing for any of this stuff, but we'd bet we'll find out more soon.