How to stop worrying and enjoy games like Darkfall

James Egan
J. Egan|03.19.09

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How to stop worrying and enjoy games like Darkfall
While they seem to draw a fair amount of controversy and commentary, massively multiplayer online games that offer kick-in-your-ribs PvP aren't really a new thing. Darkfall is the title that everyone's talking about of late, but it's really cut from the same cloth as the progenitor of all MMOs, Ultima Online. Granted, Ultima Online wasn't and isn't purely focused on player killing, but the fact remains that when you log into games that allow for the possibility of being ganked, in some respects it is what you signed up for. While the no-holds-barred style of play isn't for everyone, it certainly is what some players want. Or at least think they want.

MMO world celeb Sanya Weathers, writing for Examiner, says "Darkfall has been, since its conception, an unapologetic return to Ultima Online's original style of full metal ham kicking. The gang at Aventurine never pretended their game would appeal to a mass market, and certainly never pretended that the game would have anything but a vicious learning curve."
She points out a key reason why many gamers are anti-Darkfall: they're looking at the game from a level/gear mindset. That standard MMO paradigm doesn't necessarily apply to games like Darkfall. Weathers points out a few key things to keep in mind to make the most of Darkfall:

  • Stop worrying about your gear in the beginning. It'll be a while before you're ready to go out and be able to hold onto it anyway.
  • Stop being afraid to die. Darkfall is not for the timid.
  • Pay attention to fight spam. If you're not careful you can harm allies (and neutrals) during PvE, flagging you for PvP.
  • Don't expect the UI or looting mechanics to be easy. There's challenge in looting in the middle of pitched battle.

That's her advice for enjoying this very different kind of MMO. For those Massively readers who've managed to get a Darkfall account, what advice do you have for new players?
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