Fennec Beta 1 goes live on Maemo platform

Naming confusion aside, we're just stoked out of our gords right now to see that all of this is progressing along so quickly. Out of nowhere, we're being hit with news that Fennec Beta 1 (that's the mobile flavor of Firefox, by the way) is now live on the Maemo platform. The only tough news is that said platform is just used on Nokia's Internet Tablets, so you'll likely have a tough (read: impossible) time loading this up on S60, Windows Mobile or any other mobile OS. That said, we are told that the first beta includes "greatly increased zooming speed and panning smoothness," and on the feature front, devs have enabled plugins so users can easily watch videos from their favorite sites. Hit the read link for all the nitty-gritty, and for you lucky N810 users, give it a download and report back.

[Via phoneArena]

Fennec Beta 1 walkthrough from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.