FileFront suspending operations indefinitely

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|03.26.09

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FileFront suspending operations indefinitely
Our old friend Moo Money wrote in a little earlier today (along with a few readers) to alert us of some news that has the potential to hit the WoW community pretty hard: FileFront is closing its doors, citing poor economic conditions as the reason why they're indefinitely suspending the site's operations. As of March 30th, 2009, FileFront will be gone.

Countless WoW videos are currently hosted on FileFront, including some of our favorite machinima, many that we've highlighted on the site previously. It's not just machinima, either. I know many of my friends that arena heavily find and host their videos on FileFront, and my raid has linked to strategy videos that were hosted there, too.

While it's never fun to lose a good, mostly free host, I suspect the internet won't have a problem finding another. The big issue here from a WoW player's POV is the potential loss of amazing material the WoW community has put out with the downfall of FileFront. If there are videos you absolutely don't want to lose, you still have a few days to download them. Buckle down, find your favorites, and make sure they're not lost to the ages.

We can always find another host, but it's still a little depressing to see such a popular service go under due to the economy. Even if it were a site I never used (which isn't the case) it's never good to see this sort of thing happen.
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