Global Sony announcement rumored for tomorrow, unicorns practically a lock

Take it for what it's worth, but Smarthouse has it on authority that Sony Computer Entertainment is gearing up to make a worldwide announcement tomorrow, and believe it or not, it could involve the PlayStation 3. Analysts (and patient consumers) have been anticipating a PS3 price drop ever since, oh, December 26th of last year, but we've seen absolutely zero evidence to make us believe that one is coming within the next 24 hours. And as Joystiq points out, each Sony region sets its own PS3 price independently. At any rate, we reckon a joint PS2 / PS3 price slashing could be on the table, but we'd highly recommend not getting your hopes up too high. Who knows -- we could be getting all worked up over a new firmware that unlocks HD DVD support.

[Via Joystiq]