Sony's PlayStation 2 rumored to hit $99.99 in April

We've nothing to go on but a good man's word, but we're hearing that the permanent retail price of Sony's aged PlayStation 2 console will soon fall below the magical $100 mark. And really, it'd be about time. If you'll recall, Sony last adjusted the price of the PS2 in (surprise!) April of 2006, and if this here tip proves true, the company will select April of 2009 to push the MSRP down to $99.99. The image above comes from a generally trustworthy Kmart pricing system, and while we're certain you'd all love a PS3 price drop to follow suit, we've no reason to believe that one is close enough to touch.

As a couple of tipsters and commenters have pointed out, that screen's most likely from a K-Mart Remote Management Unit (RMU) screen. That'd make EVT SP "Event Special" -- or in other words, a sale price for the listed days of April 5 to April 11.