Guildwatch: A kinder, gentler GW

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|04.01.09

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Guildwatch: A kinder, gentler GW

Something really amazing happened the other day -- Jalabharxo, as you can see in the chat above, asked for some help in the Trade chat. But unlike what usually happens (someone insults his mother or people make fun of his lack of knowledge by calling him a noob), the unthinkable took place: someone respectfully answered his question. He couldn't believe it, and even though he sent us the screenshot, neither could we.

Because of this crazy change to the way the game is played (People helping each other? Who'da thunk it?), we've decided to change up the format of Guildwatch. Usually we cover downed and recruiting news from guilds around the realms, as well as all of the crazy guild drama. But the drama is always so vicious, and no one ever seems to like it too much, so from now on, we're going to be covering a different side of the game: guild goodness. We're sure you'll love this change -- the new GW starts right after the break. And as always, you can send us news of your guild or anyone elses at

  • DeathKnighht of Madness on Bladefist decided to step away from the game to focus on school -- and his guildies and friends on the server respectfully wish him well. Apparently they had a good time playing with him in the game, and when he decides to move on and do something different with his free time, they support him and thank him for the fun they've had together.
  • When Michivaz asks what happened to West Dragons and Murder of Crows, two old Horde guilds on Dragonmaw, a few veterans on the server answer his questions. And then they all have a good time remembering the fun they had with those old guilds. It seems that apparently they are able to look back on the time they spent together raiding without rancor or hate, and that they really do enjoy forming up into larger groups ingame and sharing the spoils of victory that come along with that.
  • Maligned of Hostile on Darkspear is bored at work, so he asks some people in this forum thread to make him laugh, offering 1000g if they can do it. After eliciting a few chuckles, someone really does get him to laugh, and he pays out through the neutral Auction House, everyone having come through the transaction much happier.
  • Marian, who is in Time is Overratedz on Daggerspine, starts an "@ Sond" thread on the forums, but all she wants to do is wish him a happy birthday. And the rest of the server shows up to give their good wishes as well. Happy birthday, Sond!
  • Vile Intent of Ghostlands picked up an Alliance third of Sarth 3D on Ghostlands, and lots of people from other guilds show up to give grats and show their support. But wait -- Vision shows up in the thread saying the win is just luck! Oh, no, never mind -- Clifton agrees, after some thought, that yes, a little bit of luck is involved in a boss fight. Apparently, people of different minds can actually come together in agreement without insulting each others' physical appearance or maternal relatives.
  • Reverence has returned to Malorne, and they post on the forums that they want raiders, and they'll do whatever it takes to get them from other guilds! But oh wait -- the other guilds welcome them back with open arms, and say that, since Reverence did so well earlier in the game, that there'll probably be good progression coming from them through Ulduar. The other guilds seem to actually enjoy having each other progress and even support their friends and fellow guildies. And Reverence appreciates the kind words, and will likely have a great time raiding Ulduar, all while being good citizens on the servers and in non-guild instance runs.
  • Finally, this one's an oldie but a goodie: This thread over on the Maiev forums about the best players on each server goes a whole three pages without devolving into any flame wars or major insults. Players actually compliment each other and enjoy playing together. They make jokes and laugh with each other, and even though there are some sarcastic barbs, no one gets too offended or angry. After all, it's all just a game, right?
  • Defenders of Valhalla on Durotan just completed their first full clear of Naxx 25. They dropped most of the bosses with just one shot, too. Grats!
  • Retribution of Arathor on Sentinels downed the Construct Wing of Naxxramas (10-man) in a record of three shots on Gluth, two shots on Grobbulus, one shot on Patchwerk, and an amazing one shot on Thaddius. They are the premiere RP guild on Alliance side of Sentinels, and so this is a nice achievement for them. And we hear they did the run in-character, too. Too bad there's not an achievement for that.
  • Dementia of EU Steamwheedle Cartel are a 10-man focused guild who downed all of Naxx without any deaths, thus completing "The Undying." Congrats! They're also recruiting Shaman and Mages.
  • Inevitable on Velen finally completed The Immortal in Naxx after trying for quite a while, and since they had someone disconnecting, they even invited an unsuspecting Druid into the raid to join them for the last fight (we hear he spent the fight in the corner and got the title anyway, the lazy punk). But congrats to the rest of the guild on the achievement.
  • Seventh Flight (EU Argent Dawn) finished off 25-man Sarth 3D. Grats on the titles, folks!
  • Knights of the Forsaken on Drenden-A has cleared Heroic Naxxramas. They're also looking for healers, as Malygos is on notice for next time.
  • Learning Disabled of the realm Black Dragonflight downed 25-man Sartharion with two drakes up (on their first 2D full run), and then immediately flew to 25-man Malygos and downed him in one attempt. Nice.
  • Proving Grounds on Drak'thul has all 10-man content on farm. They're now recruiting for two more raiding teams as well as filling out a 25-man team.
  • Final Stage on Bloodscalp-H has cleared all 10-man content but Sarth 3D and are working on grinding out Plagued Drakes before Ulduar. They're also looking at 25-mans soon, and recruiting all classes and specs for that.
  • Epic Vendor on Duskwood has downed Hogger with all three gnolls up. We think they used the VW tank exploit though.
  • Blue Sun, a casual guild on Madoran-A, has started 10-man raiding, and has cleared the Arachnid and Military quarters of Naxx as well as Sartharion with no drakes. Plague Quarter is on notice, and they are recruiting healers, too.
  • Untouchable of Grim Batol downed Sarth 3D last week then went on to clear Malygos and Naxx all within two days into the reset. So they headed off to Sunwell Plateau, and picked themselves up a Thori'dal, too. Grats!
  • Horde Secret Service (H side, obviously) of Baelgun downed Sarth 3D last week. Grats!
  • Noobs on EU Hellfire have been trying for Sarth 3D for a few weeks, and have wiped maybe 50-60 times. But eventually they dropped him, and they say the guild is much stronger for it. Worth every wipe -- that's our motto in GW.
  • Honors Wrath on Velen-A had a great week of progression, finally downing Malygos 10 and Malygos 25 as well as killing Sarth 2D on the first day of attempts. They even killed the Horde leaders and picked up the bear mounts. They're currently seeking a few more healers and a Hunter, but all classes are encouraged to apply.
  • SunDown on EU Anachronos finally downed Sartharion with three drakes in 25-man, and they had a raid of ten pick up The Undying in the same week. Very nice job. They're also recruiting some DPS.
  • Don't Panic of the Alleria server downed Sarth3D for the first time last week. They're pretty casual (or at least they say they are -- raiders are required to attend two raids a week, which sounds hardcore to me), so this is quite the achievement for them. Grats!
  • Work in Progress on EU Neptulondowned Heroic Sarth 3D, and then did the 10-man version and even grabbed Naxx's Undying achievement, all in the same week. Nice job.
  • Centuria of Azjol-Nerub did six minute Malygos for a Horde server first! Congrats!
  • Eh Team (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Chromaggus-H downed Malygos in the Eye of Eternity this week, on their second attempt of the day. Lots of folks got that Champions of the Frozen Wastes title, too, which is pretty rad.
  • Hardcore pwn on Duskwood downed 10-man Kel'thuzad and the whole of Naxx in their very first week in the instance. Sweet.
  • Ten Ton Hammer on Hydraxis-H has cleared out OS and Malygos, and just this past week downed Kel'thuzad. They've stepped into 25-mans too, clearing out the Arachnid Quarter with no problems at all. Good luck with the rest.
  • Dead Poets Society on Durotan-H have cleared all Wrath content except for the Sarth achievements. And apparently they had a funny thing happen on Malygos -- they were so thrilled to down him that they forgot to move out of the static. Good times.
  • iRaid is a newly formed guild on Stormscale, but that hasn't stopped them from getting busy -- they've cleared all the 10/25 man content except Sarth 3D. Take that third drake out, guys!
  • Circle of Blame on Stormrage finished off Heroic Sarth 2D last week, which means they just have Sarth 3D left. Good luck.
  • Seraphim of Thorium Brotherhood successfully downed Heroic Sarth 3D after weeks and weeks of trying. They picked up an Alliance first on the server, too. Grats!
  • Sworn Enemy on the Aggramar-H server was able to defeat Sartharion with two drakes up, and Malygos, both on Heroic mode, in the same week. They're also recruiting Rogues, Holy Priests, Resto Shaman, Hunters, and Warlocks.
  • Valruth Fearim on Burning Legion finally killed Malygos on 25-man. Vent was apparently deafening in their joy, and Sarth with some drakes is on notice for next time.
  • Redoubt of Garona-A finished off Sarth 1D and Heroic Naxx both last week. Heroic Sarth 1D and Heroic Malygos are on notice for next time, and they're also recruiting Priests and caster DPS, especially Mages.
  • Twilight Alliance Gamers of Mok'Nathal downed 10-man Sartharion last week after a few attempts. Grats!
  • Syndiblitz on Grizzly Hills-A has Arachnid and Plague on farm and is looking for anyone interested in having a good time and raiding. Any classes accepted, but they are pretty full on DKs, so if you are of the Ebon Blade, might want to look elsewhere. Apply on the website if interested.
  • Carpe Cerevisi on Maelstrom is currently recruiting all classes, especially "players with a penchant for dirty humor and sexual innuendo." They'll never ask you to re-spec -- they want you to play the way you want. But we hear that things do get a bit racy over there.
  • Brabus on EU Burning Blade is a medium-sized guild recruiting for mature players. They are heading up to 25-man content and need a few more players of any class.
  • Order of Chaos (server?) is now recruiting more members to start a second raid group. Their main raid group has everything in Naxx except for Saph and KT on farm. They need healers and tanks, but will allow good DPS in the second group as well. If all goes well and they get enough people, they'll be headed to 25-mans soon as well.
  • Dwarec Mercs of Crushridge is recruiting healers (preferably Priests, Shamans, and Druids) and ranged DPS. They are currently just short a few bodies to be clearing Naxx 25 on a regular basis, and are an easygoing, family type guild that has been around for ten years with a mix of hardcore and casual players.
  • Ski Doosh of Lightning's Blade-A is a mature, casual guild that raids seriously in limited time amounts to allow for real life commitments such as jobs, family, sleeping and dating. They're looking for Shamans and Priests and asking any interested people to leave an application on the website.
  • The Broken Arrow on Steamwheedle Cartel is looking for a few good toons who want to progress through 10-man content. They're mostly a guild of friends who are looking to meet other friendly folks and see as much of the content as possible on a pretty laid back schedule. They believe "WoW is about having a good time, not raiding until your eyes bleed!" Oh, but let's not forget the blessings of a good eye-bleed.
  • Deadly Sins on the Blade's Edge-H realm is a small guild that's recruiting all classes and specs to help replace a core raiding group that realm jumped to join some RL friends. They are a no drama guild that's supportive as long as you know your place. Please have Ventrilo installed and be mature with a good attitude and sense of humor.
  • City of Sin is a small, casual guild of experienced raiders looking to expand the ranks for the current and future end game raids. They are looking for friendly people with 80s who are ready for 10-man Naxx at the least (read: Heroic Geared). They are on Dark Iron-H and plan on raiding primarily on weekends. All classes are welcome.
  • Illustrious on Mannoroth-A is recruiting healers, ranged DPS, and a Death Knght or Feral Druid tank. They have all content cleared except for Malygos 25 and Sarth 3D. Apply on the forums if interested and they'll look you up in-game.
  • Tabula Rasa on EU Aszune is looking for more good people to join up. They're a casual raiding guild with serious player focusing on 10-mans and working on Malygos. They're recruiting generally so all classes and specs accepted.
  • The Unspoken on Shadow Council are looking for raiders, specifically a healer and a ranged DPS, but new 80s will be considered. They raid Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday -- look them up ingame if interested.
  • Tact (Sen'jin-A) is celebrating two years as a guild and is going strong. Sarth 3D has been on farm for quite some time and they're working on Immortal to get Heroic: Glory of the Raider for everyone. They're recruiting for Ulduar: need a DPS DK, a Warlock and or Mage capable of facemelting and a Resto Druid who knows how to heal. Exceptional Holy Pallies will also be looked at. Apply on the website if you fit the bill.
  • Premonition on EU Kul Tiras needs some quality healers, especially Druids. They'd also like some more competent DPSers -- apply on the website.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the dreaded 0% wipe, and the gutsiest raider ever. All over the game, people are being good to and respecting each other, and we'll be there to cover it!
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