CTIA Roundup, Day One

Pandora, Amazon, other third-party apps demoed on Palm Pre
Dovetailing dreamingly with the company's SDK announcement today, Palm's chosen CTIA to show off a round of third-party apps for the Pre.

HTC Snap hands-on
What the Snap lacks in flair, it makes up for in sheer, unadulterated function -- and having an utterly awesome keyboard certainly helps in that regard.

AT&T's Samsung Propel Pro hands-on
AT&T's Propel Pro ups the ante not only in build quality and material, but the new set is also reborn as a proper smartphone thanks to the inclusion of Windows Mobile 6.1.

AT&T's Samsung Impression hands-on with video
With AT&T's Samsung Impression packing things like quad-band GSM, dual-band HSPA for the Americas and a supremely useable QWERTY keypad, we're suitably impressed.

Sprint's Samsung Instinct S30 hands-on with video
We had a few minutes with Sprint's Samsung Instinct S30 at CTIA this evening and while we couldn't dive in to find its deepest darkest secrets, we did get in a quick tour.

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