RapidWeaver 4.2.2 adds JS-Kit and improved Safari 4 support

Christina Warren
C. Warren|04.02.09

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Christina Warren
April 2nd, 2009
RapidWeaver 4.2.2 adds JS-Kit and improved Safari 4 support
Realmac Software has just released version 4.2.2 of TUAW favorite RapidWeaver. Although it may appear to be a minor point release, there are actually quite a few bug fixes and backend additions in this update.

Highlights from the release notes:
  • Completely re-written contact form with support for multiple attachments, better security and spam protection and better support for Windows servers.
  • JS-Kit commenting for blogs. If you were using the previously built-in Haloscan comments, everything works just fine, whether you migrate your account to JS-Kit or not.
  • Improved Safari 4 support
  • Better RSS handling
As a user who was using the 4.2.2 betas just for Safari 4 support, this update means the end of lots of headaches. Use the auto-update function within RapidWeaver or head to Realmac's site to download the latest version.

RapidWeaver 4 requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and is $79 US.
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