Daktronics & Sony bring HD to Cincinnati Reds home ballpark

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Daktronics & Sony bring HD to Cincinnati Reds home ballpark

Daktronics has made a name outfitting stadiums across the country with high definition scoreboards and the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati is no different. Reds fans can look forward to a 138 by 39 foot high main scoreboard, plus two other displays behind left field, and the first use of Daktronics' HD-16 LED technology for a higher res ribbon board along the first and third base lines. Sony's jumped in the game, outfitting the stadium with top notch broadcast and production equipment, plus our favorite feature, as the stadium's 64 luxury suites feature 46-inch BRAVIA HDTVs and Vaio PCs running StadiumView software, which lets fans choose which HD feed to watch via touchscreen.

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