WiiWare mech combat game Overturn turns westward

Studio Zan's Overturn looked great when it came out in Japan last December. Well, seemed great -- the graphics are a bit rough. The WiiWare mech combat game had some pretty enticing features: both local and online multiplayer, and even Balance Board compatibility. The only feature it lacked was a known Western publisher.

We're thrilled to learn that Gamebridge, a new European publisher formed from a partnership between Japanese publisher Interchannel and Nintendo distributor Bergsala, has picked up Overturn for the European market, to be published as Overturn: Mecha Wars. We've contacted Gamebridge to determine whether the release is also planned for North America, but at the very least, a localized version will make the game more enticing for potential American publishers. Gamebridge will release more details about the price and date in May.