Ask Engadget HD: What's the best large LCD (42-inches and up) for the buck?

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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best large LCD (42-inches and up) for the buck?

It looks like the time is right to pick up some the best HDTVs 2008 had to offer on the cheap and Louis has the same question as most of us, which one to pick?

"My old CRT is on its last legs and I've decided my next HDTV is an LCD for my TV watching and Blu-ray needs, but with all the options I'm having trouble telling the difference. I'm not worried about any extra features unless they affect picture quality, and I want to go bigger than my last (40-inch) TV. Samsung, Sharp, Sony or ?????? -- which one should I be checking the sales pages for?"

We've done this on the plasma side recently, but surely some of you are among the many rocking brand new LCD sets. Let us know which of the outgoing models made your eyes happiest in the last year.

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