GameStop demonstrates 1:1 'gouging' motion for MotionPlus

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JC Fletcher
April 14, 2009 3:30 PM
GameStop demonstrates 1:1 'gouging' motion for MotionPlus
Did you buy a Zapper from GameStop? Then you paid $5 over MSRP, just for the "privilege" of being able to visit GameStop (unless you bought it used, of course). It appears that the retailer will employ the same pricing scheme of "$5 more than" (what it's supposed to be) for the MotionPlus attachment.

GameStop's website currently lists the peripheral at $24.99, five bucks over the price announced this morning. The retail listing uses an image matching the new appearance of the device (inside a new, larger Wii remote jacket), suggesting that GameStop has had time to update the price to match Nintendo's announcement -- but hasn't. Of course, there is a chance this isn't GameStop's final price.

If you don't mind waiting, Gamestop is taking preorders of the Wii Sports Resort/MotionPlus bundle for the recommended $49.99 price. If you do mind waiting and you don't want Resort, then ... go pretty much anywhere else.

[Via GoNintendo]
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