First Nikon D5000 and Canon T1i video clips appear

It's kind of strange that the most anticipated sample media from the latest crop of DSLRs is actually HD video, but that's the way the market's going, and the new Canon EOS Rebel T1i and Nikon D5000 are no exception. Demystifying Digital has footage from both, and while Nikon's newest seems to deliver essentially the same CMOS jelly-motion results from its 12.3 megapixel sensor as the D90, the T1i is a pleasant surprise -- we're not seeing much wiggle at 720p, which might be a result of the higher-res 15 megapixel sensor. We'll wait to see full-res samples and some actual still images before we crown a winner, but we'll tell you right now that neither one of these is going to make us leave a dedicated camcorder behind when it's important -- the lack of autofocus and the windblown internal mics just don't cut it. Videos after the break.

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Nikon D5000

Canon T1i