Future Samsung phones to blast you with freshness?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|04.19.09

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Future Samsung phones to blast you with freshness?
It may not be the oddest application of pleasant emanations from a handset, but Samsung's recent patent app is still up there in the "technologies the mobile world doesn't really need" category. The idea is pretty simple: a fragrant strip is embedded either in the slide mechanism for sliders or in the hinge on clamshells; every time the phone is opened, friction against the strip releases the fresh scent of springtime daisies (or pine, or Beef Wellington, or whatever you're into). It's not clear from the application whether the strips would be user-replaceable, but they're emphatic that it'll last a long time -- so this isn't like gum that tastes good for all of five seconds, apparently. We think we still prefer our phones smelling like... well, nothing, but that's just us.

[Via Cellpassion]

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