Preparing for season six tomorrow is "still the plan"

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Preparing for season six tomorrow is "still the plan"
Zarhym has reaffirmed a comment that Blizzard made in the past telling players they should expect season six to start as early as tomorrow, and that "this [statement] is still the plan."

Given the lack of solid statements made by Blizzard in saying anything is or will definitively happen with the game, this is about as much confirmation as we can hope for in hearing that season six begins tomorrow.

About a month ago there was it was reported that when Season Six went live all ratings would start at 0 and work their way up, instead of beginning at 1500.

Today's news, combined with the fact that there will be a talent reset in a client side patch very soon, probably means there'll be a small patch tomorrow morning. While we're not going to wave flags and say there will be one, no one here at WoW Insider will be surprised if there is. And hopefully now, you shouldn't be either.

Of course, stay tuned throughout the evening and tomorrow morning. We'll bring you the latest.
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