Microsoft readying 31-game barrage for Japan

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|04.21.09

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Microsoft readying 31-game barrage for Japan

Microsoft's plans for the Far East have always been something of a murky science, pea soup made somewhat more clear following the company's recent media conference in Japan. Siliconera reports that the Xbox 360 will play host to a number of high-profile titles in Japan in the months ahead, 31 in all, including Magna Carta 2 in August and tri-Ace RPG End of Eternity (sadly not based on the Isaac Asimov novel) in the winter.

Japanese gamers will finally get to suit up as a decidedly not dead yet Commander Shepard when the original Mass Effect finally graces Japanese store shelves on May 21, while players will have to wait until later this summer to cure the locust plague in Gears of War 2.

Another 14 XBLA titles were confirmed at the event, including the previously announced remake of mech shooter Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, which will arrive in Japan on April 29. Other notable upcoming downloads include Mega Man 9 in June, Space Invaders Extreme this spring and The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match sometime in 2010. And what of Square Enix, which plans fill Japanese XBLA appetites this year with puzzler Yosumin Live, Project Cube and the wonderfully titled 0 Day Attack on Earth (pictured)? Well, we have those trailers for you after the break.

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