Maemo 5 Beta SDK released into the hands of an eagerly waiting world

Sure, you've seen the alpha SDK, and you've even seen it in pre-alpha, but if you're really serious about your Maemo 5 development you gotta check out the beta release. This should be music to the ears of all you crazy kids who are hard at work developing software for Nokia's next-gen Internet tablets. And "Maemo 5 Beta SDK" is not only fun to say, but it also brings several new features to the table, including: support for widget development, a new version of the Modest open-source email app, OMAP3 support, HSPA data connectivity, hi-def camera support, and hardware-based graphics acceleration. Lastly (though certainly not leastly) you'll finally be able to get your hands on a Maemo 5 Development Manual. We hear that one's a real page-turner. Hit that read link and get to work.

[Via Brighthand]