Samsung's B-7000 LCD treating owners to trippy visuals? UPDATE: Samsung responds

Samsung B7000 LCDTV blotter

Samsung's UN-B7000 LCD HDTV hits all the right style checkmarks, with edge-mounted LEDs handling the backlighting and the Touch of Color fascia. The review unit at FlatpanelsHD even managed to score pretty high marks in color accuracy, even illumination and black levels. Unfortunately, a nasty "trailing" effect showed up on the 46-inch model when viewing fast-moving objects and totally ruined the party. Credit the reviewer for trying different settings and upgrading the firmware to get rid of the problem, but to no avail. Chime in below and let us know if you've seen this same behavior, or if the reviewer just got a bad unit; unless your TV-viewing habits include a square of blotter paper, of course.

UPDATE: Samsung has told us that any of the "trailer" visuals are not an artifact of the set. A run through our own comments and various internet message boards does not turn up any consistent complaints about these motion blur-type problems, either.

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