Gamerzines blog series on crafting the perfect MMO

Brooke Pilley
B. Pilley|05.05.09

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Gamerzines blog series on crafting the perfect MMO
Gamerzines doesn't want to sound arrogant, but they're pretty sure they can design the perfect WoW-killer and because they're such nice folks, they're going to spill the beans in a series of blog posts. There are five parts so far that include their must-have elements for the next best MMO since [insert your favorite MMO title here].

  • Part 1 - User generated content that passes through a quality filter
  • Part 2 - Persistent world and good story
  • Part 3 - Crafting and economy 2.0 (see EVE Online's industry)
  • Part 4 - Old school RPG customization system (stats, appearance, gear, etc.)
  • Part 5 - Real world simulation
This is obviously a pretty bold series if it aims to change the MMO landscape, but the ideas do seem interesting even though none of them are exactly novel so far. That said, they are starting to fit together nicely as newer parts of the series come out.

For instance, allowing players to have a visible and lasting impact on the game and then mixing it with the concept of a more real world simulation could produce interesting outcomes; e.g., too much hunting of one particular species could throw the ecosystem and biodiversity of the surrounding area out of balance.

[Via: Warcry]
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