Forum post of the day: Sorting out the BADS

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|05.09.09

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Forum post of the day: Sorting out the BADS

Hi everyone, after a short hiatus for guild building and soul searching I'm back to writing on the WoW Insider team. Despite growth in my guild I still find myself picking up folks for heroics and some raids. I've had some good experiences and some terrible ones.

Abberforth of Shadow Council offered up a "Basic Assumption and Discernment System. this handy, though tongue-in-cheek guide to selecting members for a PUG. He uses simple assumptions in a players initial presentation of self to determine if a player is a good candidate for invitation. These guidlines warn players to be cautious of Elves, Death Knights, and folks with untypable or unintelligible names.

Remember that this guide is for amusement only. There are several other factors that go into good PUG players- like do they run into Nexus when you invite them for Occulus?

Here's how I rate:
Beginning score 0
1. 0 Tauren Shaman or Druid
2. 1 Braided pig tails
3. 0 Both contain mandy in the name
4. 0 All characters in my names are easily accessible on the keyboard
5. 0 most people don't read Latin
6. 0 Female Characters, that bear my name
7. 0 Though I usually wear a Rep Tabard in Heroics
8. 0 But my mom is awesome
9. 0 Had Jenkins on my other Druid, but not the current one
10. 0 I usually do the summoning
11. +1 Though I rarely use punctuation at the end of my sentences, people think there's something wrong when I do. I also never use "lol" and rarely use any form l33t. I generally invite people to use Vent, since I wear a headset they can't hear Egg Radio playing in the background.

That brings my total to +2, I pass the test.
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