...is now recruiting

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|05.16.09

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...is now recruiting
I've been reading the comments from some of our recent posts and realized that there is quite a bit of mismatch between players and guilds. There are casual players in hardcore guilds that find themselves being passed over in content. There are hardcore players in casual guilds that don't get to move on to things they want. Some players need a higher level of maturity.

There are usually a handful of guilds recruiting in the Guildwatch column, but I think, for today, we can do better. If your guild looking for more take a moment to comment with the nitty gritty. If you're interested in putting up a little advertisement take a moment to copy/paste and complete the following form:

Guild name:
Raid/active time*:
Who we are:
What we're looking for:

*Please list server times and your server's timezone.

If you're looking for just the right place, please list your class, goals, experience/accomplishments, prefered faction, active times, guild needs, and if you're willing to transfer servers.
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