Motorola "Morrison" rounding out T-Mobile's 2009 Android offerings?

Okay, we think we're starting to get a good picture for how T-Mobile's Android plans for the year are going to play out (naturally, this is all subject to change -- we doubt the manufacturers know precisely when they'll be ready with this stuff, much less the carrier). That seemingly leaked roadmap has now revealed its final Android-based treasure, a Motorola "Morrison" that looks a heck of a lot like the device we'd seen leaked through some Wal-mart docs. Granted, there's a silver bar at the bottom here that isn't present in the earlier picture, but they could easily be different generations of rendered mockups, so we're not putting too much weight on that discrepancy. The roadmap currently has the Morrison pegged for the holiday season, so there'll be plenty of Android devices available to you before you get a crack at this one -- which probably isn't how Moto would like to see it work out, but hey, them's the breaks.