Motorola's first Android phone to be the T-Mobile G1 v2?

Okay, so T-Mobile confirmed on Saturday that it's launching "multiple" Android devices from "three partners" later this year, and since most people assume the HTC Magic / Sapphire / myTouch / whatever and the Samsung I7500 are pretty much locked in, speculation has generally centered around that mysterious G1 v2 and the identity of the third partner -- and it looks like it's going to be Motorola. Not only did commenter Someperson notice that the button labels on the alleged G1 v2 are basically identical to those on other recently-launched Moto phones, Boy Genius Report says today that they can "more or less confirm" the v2 will be Schaumburg's first Android set -- a development that lines up perfectly with last month's rumors of a slider QWERTY piece. Yep, it all fits together nicely, except for the fact that HTC is oddly out of the loop on the sequel to the G1 -- but since T-Mobile owns that particular trademark, it can do whatever it wants, you know? Hopefully we'll find out more soon -- if that sketchy leaked roadmap is correct, we'll be seeing this guy in the fall.

Update: Or... the G1 v2 could really be the Samsung Bigfoot. It's a mystery for now, we'll let you know.