Rumorang: PSP music downloads in discussion

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James Ransom-Wiley
May 21st, 2009
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Rumorang: PSP music downloads in discussion
It seems like Sony's been talking -- surely thinking -- about a PSP music download service for years now. There was, of course, a survey in January that queried consumer interest in such a feature. The most surprising implication about the latest rumor that Sony has discussed the possibility of music downloads for PSP with other major recording companies (Sony itself being one of four big labels) is that CNET, whose anonymous sources are credited for the report, has dubbed the meeting of the music moguls as "only preliminary."

We suppose that Sony is really taking its time to get it right ... for the next one. Perhaps a digital music store is meant for the "PSP Go!" wish list? While we're at it, let's add phone capabilities and a touch screen, too. Oh, wait a minute ...

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