Icron's ExtremeUSB-based PC-on-TV tech goes wireless

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.26.09

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Icron's PC-on-TV solution has been out and about since late last year, but we'd venture to say that adoption in the consumer market has been minimal at best. 'Course, the bevy of internet-to-TV set-top boxes that have emerged in the meanwhile certainly haven't help its cause, and the whole "wired Ethernet" requirement was also a real deal-breaker, ladies. Now, it seems as if the company is looking to leapfrog those who leapfrogged it by showcasing a wireless (802.11n) solution at the Connections Digital Living Conference. The product is still based around its ExtremeUSB technology, which passes along VGA / USB signals from a PC to a TV so that your computer can be fully seen and controlled on your den's HDTV. Unfortunately, two critical data points are still missing: first, there's no expected release date, and second, there's no independent reports on how well all of this works sans cabling.
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