KEF's Concept Blade speakers -- no, you can't buy them

Steven Kim
S. Kim|06.02.09

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KEF's Concept Blade speakers -- no, you can't buy them
KEF Concept Blade speakers
KEF has taken the wraps off its engineering-only Concept Blade speakers, and while the company has no intent on making these beauties available for sale (or at least none it's talking about), they are promising to roll the technology down the rest of their lineup. Working from KEF's calling-card Uni-Q tweeter/midrange, the design goal of Concept Blade is to make a full range, point source. The 10th generation of its Uni-Q driver can cover seven octaves without breakup before handing things over to the four 10-inch woofers arranged in "force cancelling" transverse pairs (one above the Uni-Q and one below). Throw in a carbon fiber/balsa wood composite enclosure, and you've got the makings of an exotic that surely has a market beyond one-off engineering showpieces. Trickle-down aside, we'd hate to see these go the way of other project concepts we've seen.
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