Indicator-6 Nixie clock is handsome, functional, Khruschev-approved

Hoping to relive the days of the Cold War -- you know, without the air raid drills? The handiwork of someone called Fred Niell (a character from a John le Carre' spy novel if we ever met one -- and we have), the Индикатор-6 ("indicator-6") uses gas-filled Nixie tubes to display the time. This timepiece is definitely more sane and sober in appearance than most of the clocks we see 'round here, and would look great in your study next to your cigar box and framed, autographed picture of Winston Churchill. What better way to keep track of the passing hours as you spend your twilight years writing your memoirs detailing your time in MI5? This hand-crafted chronometer sells for $275. Either hit the read link to order, or go to the safe house tonight at the stroke of midnight. You should already have the pass phrase. Video after the break.