Aiptek debuts USB-powered T20 pico projector, T30 model for iPods

Aiptek isn't dishing out a ton of details on these just yet, but the company has two fairly interesting pico projectors on display at CES, including the flask-like, USB-powered T20 model (pictured above), and the T30 (after the break), which is apparently intended for use with iPods and iPhones. About all that's known about the first of those is that it can display VGA images at sizes up to 42-inches, while the T30 can pump out a slightly larger 50-inch image, and boasts some AV-in recording capabilities -- and, presumably, some internal storage, much like the company's earlier V10 model. Incidentally, that model has also now been upgraded to the V10 Plus (which adds 4GB of memory and H.264 decoding), and Aiptek has also rolled out its new DDV-JF1 pico projector / camera, although that appears to be identical to DigiLife's model, right down to the model number.