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Eizo 23-inch FlexScan EV2333W-H chooses DisplayPort, not HDMI

Nobody was happy to see digital video standards splinter along the lines of DisplayPort and HDMI back in 2007. Two years on and Dell and Apple seem to be the primary forces behind the standard as the rest of the consumer electronics industry opts for straight-up HDMI. Kind of makes you wonder if DisplayPort is the new Firewire particularly with HDMI 1.4 and minascule Type D HDMI plugs around the corner. At least Eizo's tossing DisplayPort another bone today with the introduction of its 23-inch FlexScan EV2333W-H in Japan. The 1920x1080 pixel display with 3000:1 contrast, 300nits of brightness, and 7-ms response also packs a DVI-D jack to help ease the transition. It'll cost ¥54,800 (about $560) when it lands in Japan mid-July. Not exactly a game-changer.