A free app for those who love art

Mel Martin
M. Martin|06.15.09

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A free app for those who love art
It's true. I'm delighted to find free applications that stimulate and involve. The iPhone/iPod touch continues to open new vistas for those willing to explore the app store.

If you love great art, then get thee to iTunes and download Love Art [App Store link] which is a tour of some of the great works at National Gallery in London.

The app features about 250 art treasures, with videos, audio commentary, zoom-able high-res images, and galleries and themed tours.

The download is 207 MB, so don't try this if your iPhone is on the edge storage wise. I really enjoyed browsing through all the material, and learned a great deal listening to the commentaries and viewing the videos.

Having been to the National Gallery myself when I lived in London, it brought back happy memories. It is not a substitute for visiting the great art treasures on display there, but it will do until my next trip.

This is the kind of app that could sell for real money. For free, it's a great demo of what the iPhone can do, and a great app to explore and enjoy.

If you want to see how the app works without the big download go the the developer's site and click on 'watch the video demo'.

One of the real advantages of being a TUAW regular is getting tips to great free software. Here is your bonus for today.

Here are some screen captures of the app in action:

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