Thirteen uncut, unedited minutes of God of War III's E3 demo

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Andrew Yoon
June 19th, 2009
Thirteen uncut, unedited minutes of God of War III's E3 demo

You see this guy up here? His name is Kratos, and when you click past the break, you're going to see him kill lots of things ... for 13 minutes. G4 has managed to get a direct-feed capture of the entire God of War III demo from E3. Perhaps now you'll see why we called the game "God of War, in HD." (And no, that's not considered a bad thing.)

Pay attention to some of our favorite new moves: the ability to grab an enemy and use him as a battering ram, and the ability to burst through crowds of enemies. Being able to take control of a cyclops is pretty cool as well. Those of you that watch the video in HD will be able to truly appreciate the gruesome finishing moves the sick, disturbed people at Santa Monica Studios have added to this game. Due to the gore, AOL Legal requires us to remind you this footage is for our audience aged 17 and up. So set your birthday to January 1, 1901 and enjoy the footage after the break.
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