Kohjinsha SK3 convertible UMPC adds Windows 7 support, excitement, and danger

We know what you're thinking: sure, lime green netbooks are fun, but when is Kohjinsha going to revisit that dapper little SC3 convertible UMPC that won our hearts way back in the summer of '08? You're so predictable -- and you're in luck! According to the cats at a little UMPC portal we like to call UMPC Portal, the newly re-jiggered Kohjinsha SK3 sports subtle design differences (including a new WiFi module that brings 802.11n to the table), but otherwise the same ol' 1.3GHz Menlow processor, GPS, SD card slot, VGA out, and LAN of its predecessor. If that weren't enough, this device contains two cameras and Windows 7 support. No word yet on price or a release date on this beauty -- or whether or not it will sport a HDD or SSD drive. But we do have one more lovely promo shot for you after the break.

[Via SlashGear]