The Digital Continuum: Vacationing in Vana'diel part 2

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|06.22.09

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The Digital Continuum: Vacationing in Vana'diel part 2

Once the controls were out of the way, it became much easier to enjoy the finer aspects of FFXI. Since my static group is only around level 10 -- and it only took me around five hours to hit that mark thanks to Fields of Valor tasks and a smoothed leveling curve -- I decided to switch from Warrior to Monk for a little while.

Never underestimate the power of having one character who can switch between all available classes, at least after earning the advanced ones at your discretion. I know it's a constantly vaunted feature of FFXI, but the job system is arguably the best feature of the game. It means never really having to roll alts, unless you've got to have another race or you need a mule.

Of course, the system wouldn't be nearly as good without the sub job ability earned at level 18. It makes players want to actually try to level other classes, as the ability to blend two of them is far too enticing.

I haven't found a linkshell on Siren yet, but I also haven't really looked, either. Thankfully, I've run into plenty of players in both Batok and the outlying newbie zones, so I've no worries of being lonely for too long. In addition to that, since the Level Sync feature allows higher level characters to gain experience along with lower levels I shouldn't have too much to worry about. Especially since I hear Qufim is more popular than ever before -- Jeuno was one of my favorite places originally, as it reminds me so much of Ivalice.

Level 30 is probably a long ways off, but I can't help but consider my job at that point. You can never start planning too soon, and so I being to ponder my choices. It seems like I'll be filling my original role as tank, and since I'm an Elvaan I could just stick with Warrior -- but I kind of want to try something new. Paladin is foreign to me, so maybe I'll go with that, but it's hard to say right now. If anyone reading this has suggestions for either a Siren linkshell or why I should pick a particular tanking solution over another, I'd be more than happy to hear you out.

But for now I'll be setting my sights on Valkurm Dunes. A beautiful place where crabs can kill entire parties of adventurers -- and let's not even mention skeletons. I'll of course be keeping my eyes out for the proper items required to attain my secondary job at level 18, likely with the aid of my static party. Hopefully, after another week or two I'll have some interesting tales to tell and, my hope is, some insightful commentary on both FFXI and what we may be able to expect from Final Fantasy XIV, as well.
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