OMG: Shia LaBeouf totally 'not into' the Wii

During an interview with Big Download last week, the young side of beef Shia LaBeouf (see what we did there?) took time from his busy career playing Indiana Jones' son to troll the Nintendo Wii as hard (and unnecessarily) as so many Joystiq comments we've read in the past. "I don't mess with the Wii, to be honest with you ... It's kind of an amateur console ... I'm not into the Wii thing," he told BD, when asked about the Wii version of upcoming movie tie-in game, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Truth be told, the actor tries to disassociate himself with those who own Wii consoles, continuing, "This is how in a simple way you can find out if it's a gamer you want to play with: Ask them if they have a Wii -- if they say yes, get the f*** out of there." Harsh words, Mr. LaBeouf! While we're inclined to start flapping our gums about the actor's films being defilements of our childhoods and how they placate to a more mainstream crowd -- like a certain console he feels so vehemently about -- we'll just hold our tongues on that. This time, LaBeouf. This time.