Nokia N86 8MP reviewed, "arguably the best device that money can buy"

For anyone firmly planted in the touch world, the N86 8MP may feel like a bit of a step backwards -- but as non-touch Nokia smartphones go, the N86 8MP represents a new high end, outdoing the N85 and possibly beating the final nail into the coffin of the aging N95 series. The dual slider's just been released over in the UK, and All About Symbian has done its typically fantastic job of breaking the phone down to the nitty gritty. Anyone used to the N95's well-documented creakiness will be pleasantly surprised, as AAS reports that the N86 8MP is one of the most solid phones Nokia has made to date (they've been getting better for a while now, we'd say), though the added chunkiness over the N85 might be a big drawback for some -- especially considering that it's essentially the same phone as the older model other than the better camera and the active kickstand. In the final analysis, the camera output looks very good (though perhaps not quite as good as the variable aperture and Carl Zeiss optics had us hoping) and AAS comes away with the conclusion that it could be the "best device money can buy" -- assuming, of course, that you're cool with S60 3.2 and touch isn't your bag.