Jason Rohrer: Spielberg's 'LMNO' project probably cancelled

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Jason Rohrer: Spielberg's 'LMNO' project probably cancelled
Before it was known as Boom Blox, Steven Spielberg's puzzle game project was known as PQRS, and it was revealed alongside an Xbox 360/PS3 action game, codenamed LMNO, about a former secret agent on the run with a dynamic AI character.

Boom Blox, of course, was released to great critical acclaim, but LMNO hasn't been so lucky. In fact, the last thing we heard about it were rumors that the team had been laid off (which Spielberg denied) and the project put on hold.

In an interview with Edge, Passage creator Jason Rohrer revealed that he had been involved with the project. "On top of (odd programming jobs), I did some consulting work, most recently for EA on the Spielberg LMNO project," he told Edge. "My understanding is that project's pretty much been canceled now, what with the changing economy, but I'm not sure."

[Update: EA responds, telling Kotaku: "The rumor is incorrect. EA remains deeply committed to its collaboration with Steven Spielberg and projects we are developing together. LMNO was a code name for a project in development at EALA. While the project continues to develop at EALA with Steven, we no longer refer to it as LMNO. We have no further details to reveal at this time."]
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