DIY HD projector hits the right note, sub-€500 price range

Ross Miller
R. Miller|07.02.09

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DIY HD projector hits the right note, sub-€500 price range
It's really hard to say how much of a value this DIY HD projector is, given we're missing some crucial specs like resolution (gotta be at least 720p, right?), contrast ratio, and luminosity. Still, at €500 (about $708 US) for the whole kit, it's not a bad deal if you planned on spending your weekend doing projects anyway. All the pieces come in four separate bundles -- HD optic, light, housing, and electronics -- and if you need some handholding (it's okay, so do we), there's a German-language instruction manual that's thankfully full of pictures and diagrams, and even more entertaining, we've got a video / picture slideshow of the process done to a playful techno ditty. Check it out after the break.

Update: Yup, it's 1280x768.

[Via Slashgear, thanks Gary K.]

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